10 Essential Tips for Sex With Call Girls in Delhi

According to a 1984 survey by Alfred Kinsey, 69% of men have paid for sex at one point in their lives. Therefore, sex workers are a normal thing for many men, and many women in Delhi escorts services are also making a good living from it. Scroll down to know most useful tips for having sex with call girls in Delhi. Call Girls Service Near Delhi NCR Available 24×7 Book Now. Gurgaon Escorts Service | Faridabad Call Girls

Tips for Sex with Call Girls in Delhi
Tips for sex with call girls in delhi

However, with the HIV and other STDs risk, it’s important to be safe when you have sex. This is because though sex is enjoyable, you will be at higher risk of contracting STIs due to the close contact.

Tips for Having Sex with Call Girls in Delhi

Tips for Sex with Call Girls in Delhi
Keeping safe when having sex with call girls

1. Use Protection

Before you have sex with escorts, it’s essential to protect yourself from STIs by using condoms. Male condoms are the most popular barrier method though you can also use dental dams and female condoms. Dental dams are a type of latex, which prevent STIs during oral sex.

Condoms have proven to effectively prevent HIV/AIDS, gonorrhea, chlamydia, genital herpes, and syphilis. The most effective condoms are latex condoms, but if you’re allergic to them, you can opt for polyurethane condoms. Female condoms are also effective as well in preventing STIs. Additionally, you should know how to use condoms the right way.

2. Know their Age

Before you have sex with a call girls in Delhi, determine whether they have reached the age of consent. In India and most countries, this age is 16. Therefore, if she is younger than 16, you can be charged for sexual offenses and be prosecuted. Other times, you can be sentenced to prison. If possible, ask for her identification card to ensure you are not having sex with underage girls.

New Aged Call Girls in Delhi for Sex
New aged call girls in delhi for sex

3. Talk with the Call Girl

Before you indulge in sex with the Delhi call girls, it’s essential to ensure you are on the same page. Talk with her to ensure the sex remains safe and respectful. Some of the things to discuss include what you want in the bedroom, use of condoms. Additionally, you can inquire about their sexual health and, even if they are safe, use protection.

4. Notify a Friend where you are

Since you will be meeting a stranger call girls in Delhi, you have to notify a friend where you are and where they can find you. Anything could happen, and having someone know your location will make it easier to track you if things go wrong.

5. Have Back-up Plan

In the sexual world, we use barrier methods, but sometimes things go wrong. The condom can break or slip, and it’s good to have backup when such occurs. The call girl should have emergency contraception, and if not, you should have backup plans in place. You don’t want to have a pregnancy claim later from a one-night stand. Also, you should take post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) to protect you from possible exposure to HIV when you have unprotected sex.

6. Avoid Alcohol and Recreational Drugs

Keeping safe when having sex with call girls in Delhi can be easier, but not with drugs. They increase your likelihood of having risky sex, i.e., anal sex and sex without using condoms. Therefore, avoid using drugs to ensure you keep safe during your sexual escapades.

7. Keep Sex Toys Clean

If you intend to use sex toys during sex with the call girls in Delhi, keep them clean and safe. Avoid reusing the sex toys and, if possible, disinfect them. But first, check the material of the toy and wash it and dry after use. This ensures you remain safer and get rid of bacteria and fungi in the toy.

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8. Avoid Opened Cans or Food

If the call girls in Delhi offers you opened cans or drinks, then avoid them. Open your cans and, if not possible, drink from the same glass or bottle with the call girl. Also, avoid food unless it’s sealed or pre-packed. This protects you from being vulnerable or being under the influence of drugs.

9. Protect yourself from Covid-19

With the advent of Covid-19, much has changed in the escort industry. You should avoid contact that can lead to contracting the virus. Though the virus is not sexually transmitted, it can be caused through close contact and kissing. If the call girl exhibits any symptoms of the virus, then avoid having sex or kissing. Also, take other precautions to prevent the virus.

10. Have Regular Health Checks

Though you can confide in the safety of the barrier methods, it’s also vital to know your sexual health. Regular STI screenings and check-ups each year will let you know if you are safe from any STIs. This will help your sexual health and life in the long term.

Keeping safe when having sex with Noida Escorts Service call girls is important. Remember that your health comes first, and adhere to these tips to ensure you are physically safe and avoid STI infection. Watch Our Delhi Escort Call Girls Video

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